I’ve tried to be optimistic about this Panther season, but it’s gotten to be very hard after 10 seasons of failed productivity in which we have a 40% playoff record. The excuses started before the season even began. Saying every position on your team is up for grabs, that tells me that from sophomore to seniors, you haven’t developed much in terms of continuity.

You’ve also stated that a 6-5 record is below your standard. I think every year in the last 10 years has been below the city of Lufkin’s standards, not just this last year. The newspaper keeps stating or has stated about 24 straight years of playoffs. How many district championships? And with four teams getting in, we should go 50 straight years.

I think the Nacogdoches game proves my point ever so clearly — we’ve dropped that low as far as a program. The only thing that I see positive in the team is the brotherhood that’s established and the will to want to win.

Other than that, all else is not there. Lack of good coaching, play-calling, defense, offense overall, just good basic sound football. The team will play hard, but I don’t and won’t expect much because we (Lufkin) haven’t gotten much under this staff anyway. I see it as another year just like the last one. It’s very sad when optimism is taken away almost before the season is ever started.

The preseason, midseason and ending season slogans of why you lost — you lose as you do and you won’t ever be an elite program because of two basic reasons. No. 1, you’re not a good 5A coach. No. 2, your staff is only going to be as good as its leader. Your win-loss record keeps proving my point.

So I personally stopped expecting any better years ago. We’ve practically been in reverse this whole coaching tenure, and this year is even worse. So the newspaper should quit making excuses along with this coach, please. I think Lufkin’s ears and eyes are tired of it. But I guess you have to put something in the newspaper.

This week’s excuse was the quarterback went down, and so it states the team was short-handed. Your well-coached teams have replacements ready to step in and not use the starter as an excuse. The outcome would have still been the same.

So Lufkin, get ready if you’re not already. If you’re not blind, the script is already set for the season and more seasons to come. Third or fourth out of district, meet Longview or whoever out of that district, and the season is over.

An example of a coaching move: At the beginning of season, you said you have three guys vying for the quarterback position. And then when the starter goes down in the game, you use a running back as your quarterback. I guess the other two were sick or something? My opinion, my outlook. We’re not a good football program period, and haven’t been and will not be. That’s a fact. It’s like having a job to do, but not having the tools to do the job, or should I say coaches to do it. At an all-time low with no bright future ahead. Quit being a coach of weekly excuses.