Heart care

St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin sustains its heart care excellence staying power as it gathers its fifth recognition as a HeartCARE Center National Distinction of Excellence for 2022-23. It is the ultimate honor bestowed by the American College of Cardiology for outstanding cardiovascular care and quality patient care. From the left are Kaywin Carter, MD, chief medical officer, St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin; Eric Robinson, senior vice president of operations, St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin; Venkata Kovvali, MD, FACC, Heart Institute of East Texas; Monte Bostwick, market president and CEO, St. Luke’s Health-Memorial; Ravinder Bachireddy, MD, FACC, FSCAI, ABVLM Diplomat, Heart Institute of East Texas, ACC Cardiovascular Champion, chief of cardiology, St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin; and Mary Franklin, senior vice president of patient care service, St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin.

Just 10 diseases account for almost three quarters of all deaths in the United States, and heart disease is the biggest killer, followed by cancer; East Texas is not an exception.

The teams of experts at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin, in partnership with the Heart Institute of East Texas, recognized the need to address the rapidly increasing problem of heart disease and set out to build a program that exemplified their commitment to advancing cardiovascular medicine and creating a healthier community for local residents.