Jess Huff

    Stumped? Ask us. The FYI column is designed to let readers email (to or call in (to 632-6637) questions you want answered, whether about road construction, how-to tips, trivia or other information. You do not have to leave your name. You also can use that email address or phone number to give us a news tip — anonymously, if you’d like.

    Q. Will the city of Lufkin still pick up Christmas trees left outside this year, even though the recycling program has ended?

    Q: What will happen to the city’s recycling center trucks now that they’re not picking up recycling? What about the people who were manning them?

    Q. Is it illegal for a homeowner or their yard crew to blow yard trimmings into the street? If it’s illegal, what’s the penalty? And who pays — homeowner or yard crew?

    Q. Could you tell me what is going in on FM 58 south? There is a very large pasture area on the left of the road with high fencing and a new structure that appears to be stables on the far east of the property. I’ve seen zebras and deer roaming the pasture. Is this going to be some kind of w…


    Q: What’s going to be done to the old Woodland Heights Hospital building on the corner of Bynum and Frank? I see that they’re tearing it down.

    • Updated

    To the person who asked 12 questions about Angelina County Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire in last week’s column, Cheshire said he believes these questions are petty for someone to even ask.

    • Updated

    To the person who sent me 12 questions regarding Angelina County Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire: I am working on them.

    Q: Who is putting up all the massive Trump flags around Angelina County and across the highways? Who is taking the ones across the highways down?

    Q: Is the previous city manager, Keith Wright, collecting a retainer for helping the city after his retirement? How much is that retainer?