Jess Huff

    Stumped? Ask us. The FYI column is designed to let readers email (to or call in (to 632-6637) questions you want answered, whether about road construction, how-to tips, trivia or other information. You do not have to leave your name. You also can use that email address or phone number to give us a news tip — anonymously, if you’d like.

    Q: What are the little solar panel-looking things on top of the stop signs at the at the intersection of Raguet and First Street in Lufkin?

    Q. Can veterans use urgent care or an emergency room? I read an article about a man who couldn’t get the VA to pay for his medical flight, but it would pay for his Urgent Doc bill.

    Q: What happens when first class mail doesn’t get to where it’s supposed to, or back to the sender with a good return address? I’ve never had a piece of mail returned with my return address.