The Fuzzy’s Taco Shop location in Lufkin has closed its doors after 10 months of operation.

Owner Scott Davis said the closure was due to weak sales.

“There was a fight that broke out about two months ago, and we had some bad social media coverage about it,” Davis said. “We couldn’t recover from it.”

The taco shop sold Mexican-American dishes of all kinds, from fish tacos to loaded nachos. They also had an active nightlife and bar.

Lufkin police reported responding to over 13 different disturbances from the shop’s opening through Aug. 28. The disturbances ranged from fights to assaults.

Chris Porter, public information officer with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, reported the shop’s licensing was current and no investigations had been filed.

In a story by The Lufkin Daily News on the shop’s opening in Lufkin, co-owner Chad Wadley said Fuzzy’s typically gravitates toward college towns. It began in Fort Worth and has expanded since then with 147 stores in 17 states and 20 being built.

The franchise’s Nacogdoches location has been around for about seven years.

There are no plans to open or re-open a store in Lufkin, Davis said.

“We appreciate the loyalty of the customers who came,” he said. “Please visit our Tyler store and our Nacogdoches store.”

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