Diboll mayoral candidates

Diboll citizens will choose their next mayor in the Nov. 3 election. Mayor Lewis Ivey is facing former city councilman Sam Glass and longtime Diboll resident Trey Wilkerson.

Candidates for the position were asked by The Lufkin Daily news to share information about themselves and their platforms. Wilkerson and Ivey received an emailed survey with the same questions; Glass was contacted by phone and submitted a handwritten response to the questions.

Their responses are listed in the order in which their names appear on the Nov. 3 ballot, according to the Angelina County Elections Administration.

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 5. The last day to hand ballot by mail applications over the counter in the office is Oct. 12. Early voting begins on Oct. 13.

Residents can cast their ballots at the Lottie & Arthur Temple Civic Center at 601 Dennis in Diboll from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Tuesday, Oct. 13, until Oct. 16. After that, they can cast ballots at the same time Monday through Friday until Oct. 31.

Tell us about yourself.

Ivey: My family has been in Diboll since Diboll began. I was born here and my wife, Shirley Brewer Ivey and I graduated from Diboll High School. We both are very church, family and community oriented. I’ve served on the City Council for the past 11 years, and as mayor pro tem the last eight. When serving as mayor, you wear many different hats and deal with multiple cultures. I want to respect and represent each person equally.

Glass: I am a candidate for mayor of Diboll. I am a lifetime resident of Diboll and a former city councilman in Diboll. I am a former business owner and have worked for the city of Diboll.

Wilkerson: I am a proud product of Diboll. I graduated from Diboll High School and Texas A&M, and have lived in Diboll all my life. My dad, Burlon Wilkerson, taught at Diboll High School for 26 years, and my mother, Jan Wilkerson, has long been involved in Diboll community service. I am a financial adviser, and am happy to have my business in my hometown. My wife Michele and I have two children, Annabeth and Ryan, who attend Diboll schools.

Why are you running for mayor?

Ivey: I love Diboll and love serving our community. I feel strongly that I am the best candidate with the most experience during this campaign. I had large shoes to fill when Mayor (John) McClain resigned due to health reasons, and I was officially appointed mayor in April 2020 by the council. It’s been an extremely busy five months and I’ve dealt with issues that no other Diboll mayor has had to due to COVID-19. I’ve been busy and stayed up at times until 4 a.m. with issues such as a major natural gas leak and preparations for Hurricane Laura.

Glass: I want to bring the city government back to the citizens of Diboll. I encourage everyone to vote on election day regardless of who you vote for.

Wilkerson: Everyone knows that I love Diboll deeply. It’s a great community filled with great people. I have been involved in countless community organizations, and have contributed my time, my finances, and my labor to any cause that would help Diboll people. Serving as mayor is another way in which I can work for the betterment of our town, and bring my commitment and skills to bear addressing the challenges the city faces.

What do you hope to accomplish while serving as mayor?

Ivey: The city has several projects I would love to see completed. We anticipate that the loop around Diboll will bring in revenue from new businesses. We’ve been working on the major project of replacing older water and sewer pipes, a section at a time, all over Diboll. This is very costly and time-consuming and we are working on obtaining grants to offset the cost. I also have plans for numerous beautification projects around town.

Glass: I want to bring the city government back to the citizens of Diboll.

Wilkerson: As mayor, my focus will be on the important functions of city government. Our public safety departments must be respected and be allocated the resources necessary to keep us safe. The infrastructure that we all depend on is aging quickly, and will require significant attention going forward. I will work to keep the city out of activities that are better operated by other organizations. And I will ensure that those employed in positions of leadership have credibility and respect in the community, and that they represent our values and uphold the high standards that we expect.

Jess Huff’s email address is jess.huff@lufkindailynews.com.

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