Rain water rushes down Berry Road in Lufkin, the area behind the Dairy Queen near state Highway 94 toward Hudson.

People living in homes subject to flooding across Lufkin are casting another weary look to the skies as Angelina County faces yet another rainy week.

Residents in these areas are stuck because the cost to repair homes and replace belongings is more than they can afford.


Water reaches nearly to the bottom of mailboxes on Berry Road behind the Dairy Queen near state Highway 94 on Mother's Day.


Jason Arnold


Inez Tims

Inez Tims Senior Living Apartments at 800 N. Chestnut St. in Lufkin.


Mold growing in Bobby Thompson's apartment at Inez Tims in Lufkin. The mold began growing after the Mother's Day storm.


Bobby Thompson showing where the water comes in and surrounds his apartment at Inez Tims.


Flood waters rush down Berry Road behind the Dairy Queen near state Highway 94 in Lufkin headed toward Hudson.


Water fills Josefina Rodriguez's home on Berry Road. Her home floods almost annually, but the couple can't afford to move.

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