Coston Elementary School will host community performances of “Aladdin” the musical at 7 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday.

The performance includes all the familiar characters and songs with a little extra flourish. The costuming and set are reminiscent of the animated and live action Disney classic movies.

You have Aladdin and Jasmine’s initial meeting in the city as well as Jafar and his cave of wonders.

You have Genie and his three wishes — no substitutes, exchanges or nothing.

Big production scenes like Prince Ali’s intro include somewhere around 30 student actors decked out in colorful, shining costumes.

The show culminates in a mash-up final song with a call back to each of the songs before.

“I am so excited I feel like I’m exploding like a tank,” third-grader Orlando Punch said about playing Aladdin.

The students tried out for their parts in the play, and Orlando said he thought he would never be picked. Fifth-grader Monserat Serrano said she was nervous when she tried out for Jasmine.

Fifth-grader Jude Daniel said he felt confident when he tried out for the Genie, but he was a little nervous he wouldn’t get the part.

“When I first got into Aladdin, I was very excited,” Jude said. “I was a bit nervous for the week we had to wait, and I was afraid I wasn’t going to get the part.”

Jude said he hadn’t seen the Disney movie versions of “Aladdin” until a week before he tried out.

“I thought it was about a giant tiger before all this,” Jude said.

“Do tigers like monkeys?” Orlando asked. “I would not let Abu near Raja.”

Orlando said he has been working on his hands and legs and their movement. Monserat said she has been hard at work memorizing her lines. Jude said he has been working on his expression and music. While lines come easily to him, the music is not so easy, he said.

Monserat said she loves getting to meet new people through the musical.

“I love to see other people do stuff,” Orlando said. “It’s like your heart starts beating so fast you love it like you love nothing else.”

“Half these people I didn’t even know before, and now I’m friends with most of them,” Jude said. “It feels good to meet someone new every now and then.”

Monserat said she hopes people will like the musical.

Jude said he hopes people see a decent actor because that’s what he wants to do when he grows up.

Orlando said he is excited to bow and wave at the close of the curtain.

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