Fed's program for loaning to Main Street off to slow start

FILE - In this May 22, 2020, file photo, the Federal Reserve building is viewed in Washington. The Federal Reserve's Main Street lending program is off to a slow start. Banks are showing a surprising lack of interest in the program, while businesses are having a hard time accessing it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michael Haith, owner and CEO of a Denver-based restaurant chain called Teriyaki Madness, is in an unusual position for people like him: He's making money through food delivery and pickup and wants to borrow funds so he can expand.

Yet so far, a Federal Reserve lending program set up specifically for small and medium-sized businesses like his hasn't been much help. He can't find a bank that's participating in the program, and he isn't clear on a lot of the details about how it works. For example, he isn't sure how much he could borrow.

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