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I am writing to the citizens of Angelina County to discuss several concerns expressed to me during the time I have served as the acting county judge.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming to a close, we’re reminded of the importance of gratitude. Gathering around the table with friends and family serves as a perfect opportunity for us to recenter our lives in the present and acknowledge the countless blessings God has given us.

The present is an interesting time of the year. It is what I am going to call The Great Transition. While I write this, I am looking forward to turkey and dressing. As you read this, you have most likely had your fill of turkey and dressing. The pumpkins are being put away, and the stockings…

I’m trying to write a column the day before Thanksgiving so it can run in the newspaper the day after Thanksgiving. If I read over it again Friday morning, it’s either gonna look like I’m clairvoyant — or an idiot.

November is National Adoption Month, and it’s also the month that many families in America will celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving with their families, friends and loved ones. For me, the month of November makes it impossible to ignore my past and the immense amount of gratitude I have fo…

Tony Sarge, commercial artist and designer, is responsible for creating the first giant helium-filled characters floating high above New York City ushering in the holiday season.

The lady in front of me was digging in her purse for change with a baby on one hip when I walked up to the checkout. My first thought was that I was in a big hurry, and this was a delay I didn’t need.

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to forget to take advantage of your insurance benefits. Now is a good time to review your outstanding health care needs and take full advantage of paid-up deductibles or available funds in Flexible Spending Accounts while you still can.

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With the general election behind us, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the citizens of Angelina, Houston, Polk, San Augustine, Trinity and Tyler counties for entrusting me with the honor of serving as your state representative. It is truly the honor of a lifetime — one that I do no…

When visiting a friend once, I got an invitation from his 10-year-old son to join him in playing a video game. The boy was all into those military-style games, and my buddy had told the kid I’d served in the Marine Corps.

It never ceases to amaze me how divisive political campaigns can be. With at one end of the political spectrum, a twice-impeached president, and at the opposite end, a president fighting record high inflation, nothing could separate us worse. If we have never needed unity before, we certainl…

Thanks to Michael Morgan for his recent letter to LDN (Re: Louis Gohmert). Right on target and much more information on him for anyone who is interested.

Red Ribbon Week wrapped up last week, but hopefully it helped bring awareness to the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

A few weeks ago, my car broke down in front of one of the local value stores. I am on crutches and was trying to fix my car but no luck. So I sat in my car waiting on a friend to help, my door was open and my crutches were resting against the door. As I sat there waiting, I noticed no one as…

Hello Angelina County. We are now counting down to the Veterans Day Parade. Come on down to Huntington, the most patriotic town in Angelina County, and join us to honor all the veterans. The parade is scheduled for Nov. 12. Lineup for being in the parade is at 9 a.m. by the middle school gym…

One of the greatest aspects of our way of government is that anyone can run for public office, from local positions all the way up to our highest roles — including president.

The dumbest collective human experience we exercise twice a year is switching our clocks forward one hour and then back one hour just four months later. We are the only species that compensates for the tilt of the axis of the Earth, other than the folks in Hawaii and Arizona.

Every day is Veterans Day for members of the American Legion Family No. 113, and we try to do all we can to help our veterans, especially those in need, but it takes time, money and dedication to make this happen.

Early voting has begun! Be sure to check with your county clerk’s office to find out where polling locations are open near you. Early voting ends. Election Day is Nov. 8.