It’s never too early to start talking to your children about future goals, including decisions after high school. This week, Lufkin ISD will be all about college during College Week. We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% of our students are accepted to a university, college, technical school o…

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It’s never too early to start talking to your children about future goals, including decisions after high school. This week, Lufkin ISD will be all about college during College Week. We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% of our students are accepted to a university, college, technical school o…

On April 21, 1836, Gen. Sam Houston led the Texian Army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. Fought near the present day city of Deer Park, the 18-minute long battle began when Texian forces charged the Mexican camp during their siesta — for which Mexican President and Gen. Santa Anna fa…

I understand (sort of) the reasoning behind standardized testing, despite the recent fiasco when the entire system shut down on Testing Day.

When we moved to Lufkin, among the first people we met were Tony and Bob Brown. After nearly 42 years, they remain wonderful friends, and we continue to be thankful for their friendship.

An emergency room doctor wrote recently that he always looks at the Facebook page of a deceased teenager before he informs the parents of their child’s death. He said it helps keep him human.

Many educators and parents may not realize the connection between world oil prices and local education funding, but new research connects world oil prices with Texas public school funding, and it shows clearly that billions of dollars K-12 schools rely upon to educate students could be at ri…

Sometimes cans get kicked so far down the road that we forget about them. Such is the case with a 2016 federal Health Information Technology mandate known as the 21st Century Cures Act Info Blocking Rule, advocated by a nonprofit organization known as OpenNotes.

Surrounded by hundreds of law enforcement officers, the loved ones of Texas State Trooper Chad Walker solemnly laid him to rest after he gave his life in the line of duty.

It’s not as if I seek out these types of conversations. I’m not exactly stalking people trying to talk them into attending college or seeking some kind of formal education.

This week the Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 5, a bill I authored that would address broadband access across the state. I appreciate the support of my colleagues and the leadership from the House author Rep. Trent Ashby.

For more than 40 years, Gary’s life has revolved around alcohol. It has adversely impacted every aspect of his life: his wife has left him, his children seldom speak to him, he struggles keeping a job, and now his health is failing.

Tuesday, March 23, I was on the commissioner’s court agenda to make the following statement, but at the last minute I was kicked off the agenda because commissioners Bobby Cheshire, Terry Pitts and Kermit Kennedy did not want to hear what the public has to say about implementation of the uni…

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This week marks the halfway point in the 87th legislative session. We’ve spent the first 70 days filing bills, attending hearings and working on the budget.

From time to time, I single out someone who has recently passed away and left a void in our community. I recently left out one whom I would like to bring to your attention.

Think about it: When was the last time you were around a large group of children out in public when at least one of them wasn’t crying, screaming or throwing a hissy fit? It’s what kids do, right? They find a way to make their parents uncomfortable. Doing so in front of tons of people seems …

The Angelina Arts Alliance has kicked off the first of several SPARK sessions. These online webinars are part of many cultural district planning activities the organization is leading this year in partnership with the city of Lufkin.

I write today with hope for the future and gratitude for the resilience of our team at Woodland Heights Medical Center. The pandemic has demonstrated how interconnected we all are, the impact each one of us can have and the benefit of working together for a common cause.

This week in 1836, the Convention of 1836 adjourned abruptly as the Mexican Army approached Washington-on-the-Brazos. The convention, which began on March 1, drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Texas Constitution, organized the government and named Sam Houston commander-in-…

The dogwood and Bradford pear trees are starting to show their colors and, of course, there is yellow pine pollen everywhere. Only those of us lucky enough to call East Texas home know what that means.

Parents of prekindergarten and kindergarten children — it’s time to start thinking about enrolling your child in school for next year. Your child needs to attend a quality preschool to prepare them for kindergarten.


Picture yourself on a small boat with six people aboard. What would happen if everyone on the boat decided to sit on the same side? The boat would surely tip over and we would all be thrown into the water. That’s why balance is needed.

Earlier this week, my wife and I celebrated the 12th anniversary of our wedding day. We sat down Tuesday evening and pulled up the photo album, and we did some reminiscing while remarking just how fast and crazy a dozen years can get.

It’s hard to measure what saying a simple thank you means to someone. To the person saying it, it can be a humbling experience, but to the one receiving it, the words can make their day a little better.

Well, for the umpteenth time of celebrating Black History Month, the question remains: “Is Black History Month necessary?” This age-old question begs for the presumptive counter question: “Is the history of any people necessary?”

Elliot Eisner, art and education professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education, focused on the aesthetic intelligence and uses of critical methods from the arts to improve educational practice in his research.

The recent winter storm left millions of Texans without power to heat their homes or water to drink. It has shaken our state to its core. As a result, Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, which dubs itself as Texas’ largest and oldest generation and transmission cooperative, recently filed for…