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To submit a letter to the editor, bring it to us at 300 Ellis Ave. in downtown Lufkin, or mail it to P.O. Box 1089, Lufkin, TX 75902-1089. Or you can email your letter to The Lufkin Daily News welcomes letters of up to 250 words. All letters are subject to editing for length and clarity, and unsigned letters will not be used. Unless you stipulate “print only” on your letter, we reserve the right to publish in print or online. An address and daytime phone number must be included so the author’s identity can be verified. Only one letter per writer will be published during any 30-day period.

The holiday season is a time for gathering with those closest to you and celebrating the end of the year. Many celebrations and festivities include alcohol, and with that comes an increased likelihood of drunk driving. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 2,462 DUI…

Abortion should only be judged by women only. No men. Be still women. God’s got this. (Jer. 31:22) I am writing this in the hope someone will understand things will be getting worse. God gave us the answer in His Holy Bible. He told us Satan came to destroy the truth. (St. John 8:44) Jesus s…

Desert sand in a geopolymer mix must be the reason the pyramids always reflect the color of the desert rather than carved limestone blocks.

I know it is very hard at this time of the year, but the greatest gift you could give to someone is kindness. It doesn’t cost anything but the act of doing something for someone is priceless.

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Voters get in trouble when they allow a political candidate’s speechmaking to influence how they vote. In an election year, all candidates will believe in honesty, responsibility, integrity and ethical behavior.

Perhaps Bob Flournoy needs a reminder of the old saying “if you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.”

Maybe I missed something the last time we voted on city and county ballots, I don’t remember seeing Robert Flournoy’s name anywhere — not for county commissioner, mayor or city councilman.

Bob Flournoy’s column was rude, uncalled for and slanderous. I am friends with Kermit and Terry. Neither one of these men is opposed to the unit-road system and to accuse them of fraud is ridiculous. I realize this is not your opinion, but Mr. Flournoy does not speak for everybody nor is he …

Danger — danger — Do you want a repeat of last February, when we had freezing temperatures, electrical outages and people dying in their homes from lack of heat?

In the past, I was critical of our district’s failure to implement a mask mandate. Since then, Superintendent Lynn Torres did just that.

We have a book that has the answers to every question —the Holy Bible, the written word of God.

I have canceled my subscription to The Lufkin “News” and requested a refund for the remainder of my subscription. I have also sent letters similar to this email to Ms. Walls, Mr. Woolsey and Mr. Tillotson at Southern News, Inc.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all law enforcement workers that keep us safe. You are my heroes.

Last week, the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards met in Austin for its first in-person meeting since February of 2020. The council is made up of representatives from across the state representing 192 county child welfare boards and more than 2,000 Texans appointed by their commissioners courts.

For 32 years, the United States has recognized National Recovery Month. National Recovery Month gives us an opportunity to acknowledge these otherwise overlooked victories. The theme of this year’s National Recovery Month is “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Commun…

Reading mayor — yes, he is still my mayor — Bob Brown’s Letter to the Editor of Sept. 10 gives me the belated opportunity to give my two cents — more appropriately, 20 dollars — worth in expressing, at least, one out of many notable contributable acts toward his city during his tenure.

I find our society is at a crossroad. We have people arguing over abortion rights to end life and people arguing over COVID vaccines and holding onto life.

I had asked publisher Jackie Zimmerman if she would allow me one more chance to communicate my thoughts through her Lufkin Daily News and she kindly agreed to let me say “thank you” Lufkin for nine years of getting to know more about Lufkin.

From the time when I was a child, I was taught the Holy Bible was the written word of God, and after more than 80 years of studying it, I believe it and in what Jesus said in 2 Peter 3-9.

Subject: Charges for administration of the monoclonal antibody infusions? Has anyone noted that our Gov. Greg Abbott on Aug. 19 stated the following, which is not true? He communicated on his website that “... Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody therapy treatment, which is available at no cost t…

I am so proud to be an American. I am proud of our heroes who give their all to help people in need. No matter who you are, our heroes are always there to help when called upon, no matter what state you live in. We are in such a precarious time but you can always count on our heroes to be th…

Racist propaganda better describes what critical race theory is than the AP misinformation printed in the LDN on June 25.

Most people have analyzed the possibility of another mask mandate and, even scarier, a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. This topic is beyond science or politics and is now a moral and ethical concern.

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The city of Lufkin always claims it’s not their problem, no matter what. My father, Robert Luna, owns land on 841 that is in an estate since he passed away on March 13, 2021.

Angelina College is saddened by the death of Robert L. Poland Jr., who served on the Angelina College Board of Trustees from 1994 to 2021. Only one AC trustee has ever served more years in office (Joe P. Byrd: 1978 to 2008).

It is heartwarming to watch what Pam Hooton and the Huntington Genealogical and Heritage Society, a 501(C)3 organization, have accomplished to honor the memory of Angelina County’s first sheriff, G.T.W. Collins and his wife, Martha Bridges Collins.

Thanks to Judge Don Lymbery for single-handedly bringing about the implementation of the unit-road system in Angelina County. Even though 76% of the voters in our county voted for the unit-road system last November to bring professionalism to road construction and maintenance, every commissi…

Up to a $1,000 fine. That is what stands between Lufkin ISD doing the right thing for its students. Across the state, many districts are choosing to take that fine and to fight if they have to because they understand science. They understand that since last year, the transmission rate for CO…

Being a retired firefighter from the Lufkin Fire Department, I understand this situation. The leaders have decided to cut out EMS outside the city. They tried to justify their decision on the front page of the Aug. 1 Lufkin Daily News.

First, a message to Black people and also all others: I am an old white man but not your enemy. Although the real enemy, that is the Biden-Harris radical Democrat party bunch doing a destructive Marxist-communistic takeover of our federal government, would probably say I am your enemy, a whi…

I currently have two sons who are serving in the Texas Army National Guard and they were both informed their monthly and annual training has been canceled for next month due to the lack of funds. Basically, the Texas Army National Guard is broke, having spent all its money on the units that …

Our country is growing further and further away from God. No longer do people read the Bible, pray or even think about our Creator.

After the 2021 February winter storm calamities, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott failed to deliver on his promises to improve the electric grid and to hold ERCOT and energy companies alike accountable for their past and potential future failures.

The people of America, not the United States of America, have forsook the Holy Bible, the written word of God that gave us the way (St. John 14:6) and gave us a watchman (Ezek. 36:1-61).

My purse was stolen from Cracker Barrel on June 6 while I was visiting family for the week. I live in North Carolina and I had some very sentimental items in my wallet from a student of mine who passed away. I am offering $100 for the return of my personal items. Please contact me at jhrw198…

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The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas applauds the Lufkin Police Department for warning the community about the alarming drug use calls in the community, and the “toxic mixture of narcotics” believed to be the causes.

Yes, the Fourth of July is a day we all look forward to — a day of bands playing, cookouts and the anticipation of an evening of fireworks.

Hate crimes are defined as criminal offenses against a person or property solely motivated by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, ethnicity, identity and/or beliefs. Hate crime legislation hopes to deter any perpetrator from committing acts society deems intolerable including civil …

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone picked up his/her yard/garage/estate sale signs when the sales are over? They stay around for weeks, blights on the landscape.

As a Democrat it was refreshing to recently hear that our outnumbered Texas Democrats had thrown a wrench into the Republican plot to restrict voting rights. This legislation was a transparent attempt to keep old white men lording over the whole Texas population.

I want to inform the public that in attorney Larry Klayman’s book, ‘‘It Takes A Revolution,’’ he related to us how special counsel Robert Mueller and his top prosecutors allegedly threatened Jerome Corsi with a charge of perjury if he did not agree to lie and implicate President Donald J. Tr…

It’s bad when a 71-year-old senior lady has to till her road ditch because Precinct 3 won’t come do it or the potholes. My neighbor calls every week to no end. Where are you, Terry Pitts?