In St. Matthew 24:1, Jesus’ disciples ask him when his coming was or when was the end of the world, and he began to tell them that there would be wars and rumors of wars, pestilence and great tribulation. We recently had a war, a big cyber attack in which other countries stole our secrets or technologies, a quiet Pearl Harbor while the left liberal party is occupied trying to impeach the president and trying to organize a coup, while he is trying to make America first. Surely our politicians can do better. Pestilence, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is a disease likely to cause death and rapid spread from person to person. A plague, word for word. The USA has 5% of the population in the world. I don’t see how vaccines are going to conquer it. Maybe some pills will in Africa, Asia, South America. It looks to me like we could be in the beginning of the great tribulation. Now great division is in Washington, D.C., large numbers of hurricanes this year (30), largest snow storm in the northeast on record, floods in Colorado and California, fire in Paradise, California, that burnt up the whole town, and fire in Australia that destroyed millions of acres of land and killed thousands of animals. Ministers in church buildings and on TV need to get an urgency sound and alarming sound and tell the people how it is. Because the Bible states they have a great responsibility for their souls.

May God bless and have mercy on all.