I would like to address the letter submitted by Alana Sims of Lufkin. But first, I’d like to provide a little history. I had three kids in the band in the ’70s and ’80s. I, myself was involved in the band boosters for 10 years and was band booster president. I don’t know if Ms. Sims has had a child in the band, or if she knows anything about band.

First of all, to be an award-winning band, you have to have a great leader. Waymon Bullock set that precedent decades ago. My kids were in his bands. They put in as many hours, if not more, than any other organization. They were there early before school, stayed after school, practiced during the summer and went to band camp, where for a week they practiced music and learned marching drills in the July heat. Mr. Bullock designed every drill they marched.