Today, July 4th, all Texans have lost another civil liberty and have been dictated by Gov. Greg Abbott that we will absolutely wear face covers or be fined. Adults, nor parents of children, no longer have the freedom to make decisions that are logical or rational about our health or lifestyle choices.

Think about this — did the governor tell you these masks have been studied and proven to lessen the numbers of the virus? Where did we learn masks are essential? Even worse, our health experts have failed to agree or be correct on when one should or should not wear a mask in public. This decision is made using theories and assumptions. No research has been done to prove masks are the best strategy to apply. The medical community has used masks and understand you cannot wear a mask all day with any guarantee that you will be protected, nor protect others, from a virus. Despite this knowledge, whether it be ignorance or power grabs, our mayors have been working hard on getting this mandate for quite some time. Finally, they have convinced our governor that adult Texans are not mature enough to make healthy life decisions. Not one of them can support this decision with any research — they insist they, and they alone, know best for us and our children. No one can tell you that research supported shutting down our country and keeping all of us locked down. Now the masks are the complete cure-all?