The present HR1 bill in U.S. Congress being a radical Democrat-ordained direct communistic attack on our constitution, Marlina Inman (LDN, Feb. 17) is wrong to ask Rep. Louie Gohmert to vote for that HR1 bill, and, instead, we should all ask Louie to please vote against it, and pray that he may be able to convince others, even to maybe find some commonsense Democrats, to also vote against it.

Although some of the words in the HR1 bill may sound good, it will be very bad for our country, together with all the other in-your-face communistic bad stuff coming from the Joe Biden executive orders and proposed legislation to dismantle and destruct the U.S.A. The radical Democrats will be in a hurry to push that HR1 bill on a fast track to put it into national law to remove the constitutional intent for elections to be controlled by the legislatures of the various states (Texas, etc.) and to put that power under their intended nationwide big-government communistic control. That will force all elections to be widespread fraud, using the electronic voting machines, internet, mail-in ballots, etc., which was suspected and alleged to have happened a few weeks ago in the previous election.