The great article by Bob Flournoy ‘‘How much do you value your vote’’ in the Dec. 13, 2020, LDN appears to be a prediction of what is happening or has happened to freedomes once enjoyed in our country. Bob pointed out freedom of religion is the first to go, then speech, press and assembly with taking our guns cannot be far behind. Bob goes on to point out the way the enemy of freedom can subtly control our society is to control the institutions of learning and the purveyors of information. The ultimate strategy of the enemy of freedom is to remove the established system of checks and balances which can be done by simply stealing the necessary votes.

Since the election, the ‘‘far left’’ has followed the path noted above frightfully fast. Here are some of the things accomplished to achieve their socialist ideology goals — created blacklist to prevent hiring of employees of President Donald Trump, arbitrarily removed conservative patriots from internet accounts like Twitter, removed conservative broadcasters from platforms of large media companies. They have also forced distributors of conservative-owned companies like My Pillow, to not sell products of those companies, formed an armed guard around our Capitol with 25,000 National Guard and questioned their loyalty, talked up ‘‘enemy within’’ trying to kill the congressmen (setting up the need to take away our guns), agreed to pay for abortion in our country and foreign countries, talked of creating camps to brainwash the Trump doctrine out of our 75 million Trump voters, eliminated millions of jobs by restricting oil, gas and energy companies and the Keystone Pipeline, passed 42 dictatorial executive orders in the first two weeks after election and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi order not to use mother, father, brother and sister in legislation. Not giving equal justice to all citizens should probably be at the top of the list. It appears they have already learned the ‘‘vote stealing’’ trick — you have to be deaf or blind not to join the 40% of voters who believe fraud took place in the last election. Using COVID-19 as a reason to close churches, schools and small business was a convenient way to never let a crisis go to waste.