During the holiday season, individuals can be found behind the wheel driving to and from outlet malls, department stores and many other businesses in order to prepare for the impending celebrations. One of the many products that will be purchased during the holiday season is alcohol, to be shared with others at gatherings. If individuals are not careful with their alcohol intake, they may find themselves behind bars or confined to a hospital bed instead of celebrating with others and exchanging gifts.

As joyous and merry as the holiday season may seem, the number of drunk drivers on the road increases by 34%, the number of fatalities increases by 38% and the number of wrecks with incapacitated injuries increases by 34%. This is due to the number of parties between December and January. Individuals are more prone to drink at these events, and sometimes neglect to choose a sober designated driver. With that in mind and the lack of access to taxis or public transportation in Deep East Texas, individuals who are considered the “least” drunk become the driver and must transport each of the passengers home. Whether the individual has a blood alcohol content that surpasses the legal limit of 0.08% or not, if alcohol is consumed, they are susceptible to impairment while driving, which can result in fatal wrecks. Even if an individual does not get into a car wreck, being pulled over can result in expensive fines.