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Yes, I would like to receive a classroom set of newspapers to be used in my classroom. The NIE program is a cooperative effort between The Lufkin Daily News, Angelina County schools, and local businesses (sponsors). Each teacher agrees to mail (USPS or an email) a thank you letter(s) to the sponsor. Our Newspapers in Education program can supply newspapers to your classroom at no cost to the school.

Student Benefits:
• Provide hands-on opportunities and real life examples of how school subjects apply in today's world.
• Integrate world and local news, politics and technology into the classroom.
• Cultivate continued student interest in current events, broadening the ability to learn.
• Serve as a living textbook, allowing student to witness history as it happens.
• Create lifelong learners, more informed consumers and involved citizens.

Number of Papers

Indicate the number of newspapers you want delivered for each issue. There is a minimum of 5 copies per day. The newspapers will be delivered on the following Wednesday mornings after publish date.


The Lufkin Daily News offers digital Subscriptions as part of the NIE program at no cost to teachers. Teachers will be provided with a username and password for their classroom. This will be sent to you within three business days.

Order form

I affirm that these newspapers will be used in my classroom as part of the Educational Curriculum.

Verify and Submit